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Austin Lubetkin

Specializing in accessibility solutions and known for creative thinking. Winner of 13 hackathon awards.

Awards and Honors:

  • Speaker at the 2019 Florida Conference for Recent Advances in Robotics
  • 2019 NextGen Leader
  • Speaker at the 2017 NSA Seminar on Cryptological History
  • Speaker and Featured Artist at Art Show by Florida's Autism License Plate Fund
  • Lime Connect 2017 Fellow
  • Honorable Mention at Knight Hacks 2017
  • Winner of Best Social Media Campaign, Best Web App, Best Use of AWS, and Best .tech Domain @ sudo Hack Stetson 2017
  • Winner of Best iOS Hack at WHACK 2017
  • Runner-Up at GifHack 2017
  • Top 5 Finalist and Sponsored Prize Winner at HackRiddle 2017
  • 2nd Place For Best Use of HP Vertica at WHACK 2016
  • Lime Connect Fellowship Finalist
  • NyChi 2016 Hackathon 2nd Place & Most Innovative Awards
  • BCCHacks 2016 Hackathon Most Creative Award
  • (Re)Invention VSA Emerging Young Artist Finalist
  • Adobe Youth Voices 2014 Finalist
  • American Computer Science League Division Winner
  • ACE Mentorship District Champion
  • Authored a Book on Integrating Technology in Government That Reached the Top 20 in the Kindle Store’s Law Category. Projects I have built from these ideas include Schrodinger's Closet & CrowdCop
  • Kickstarter Campaign for Hebrew School app featured on news outlets like ABC and NBC
  • Developed Multiple Apps for iOS which have been praised by outlets like AppAdvice
  • Quirky Inventor Finalist for my design of an infrared smart oven
  • 3rd Place in Congressional Art Competition
  • Florida Art Teacher Award of Excellence
  • Multiple Gallery Showings Throughout Miami Art District


(561) 451-5344 ·

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Florida Polytechnic August 2017 - Expected December 2019

Bachelors of Computer Science

Palm Beach State College August 2016 - May 2017

Associate of Arts

President's list every semester, graduated Cum Laude board member in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.


Proficient in C++, Objective-C, C, Lua, Java, PHP, OpenGL, HTML, Javascript, SASS, Node.js, and MusicXML development.

Developed CAD skills in Autocad and NX in technical mentorship program.

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Flash, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel

English, Basic Chinese, Basic Spanish.

Experience Running Multiple Branded Social Media Campaigns

CPR certified

Work Experience:
  • Florida Polytechnic University - September 2017 to Present

    Teaching Assistant & Research Assistant

    • Teaching assistant to an art and technology course
    • Research assistant to project developing algorithms for human fall detection based off robot fall detection algorithms
  • Palm Beach State College - Hired by Microbiology Instructor - May 2017 to Present

    iOS App Developer

    • Hired by microbiology teacher to develop a suite of educational iOS apps that teach microbiology concepts to college students
  • twodegrees - January 2017 to Present


    • Designing new features and gamification for the social networking app.
    • Focus on front-end design and coordinate with the team in India in preparation for a local transition of development to the US.
  • URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy - June 2016 to August 2016

    Counselor / Specialist

    • Helped teach a STEM curriculum that focused on Android Development, Web & Graphic Design, and Video Game Design
    • Designed and taught original elective on Art & Technology
    • Worked with middle school and high school students and helped inspire them to pursue their STEM interests
  • RCOS - October 2015 to June 2016

    Project Leader and Developer

    • Worked on an open source web development project in startup incubator, Crowd Cop, a crowdfunding platform for solving crimes


A Multidisciplinary Approach to AI Generated Architectural Design

Presented at the 2019 Florida Conference for Recent Advances in Robotics

Abstract: In this paper, we hope to demonstrate approaches intended to further direct an implementation of Deep Style AI to create architectural works. We explore several processes through an interdisciplinary lens that are used in tandem to direct the AI to complete a controlled task using a human in the loop scenario. Through an understanding of the mechanics of the Deep Style AI in action, we are able to interrupt both the AI’s learning and application processes. By interrupting these processes, we are able to insert intentional data used to direct the work of the AI. By demonstrating the possibility of the AI’s ability to complete a controlled and directed task we hope to outline the possibility that this readily available and open source neural network can assist in the formation of original creative works.

Keywords—computer vision, deep style, architecture

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Project Experience


Winner of Best iOS Hack at WHACK 2017

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Objective-C, Java

An app & website aimed at bringing joy to the lives of terminally ill children. Wishers can fill a pinboard with all the things they love about life. We then use an AI to match their interests to a dream vacation. After we find an Airbnb for them the child's parent's can crowdfund the trip through Wishbnb.

Link to Github

Project Eyecryus

Presented Research at NSA Seminar on Cryptology History

Lua, Objective-C

The culmination of extensive research in 2017. Pronounced Icarus, this project was a new kind of subconcious password that works from reading eye movements while reading. The eye movements tracked are subconcious and not replicatable. Incorporates aspects of nurture and nature specific to each person. First progressive subconcious password wherein the actual simulation evolves through participation. First subconcious password that can readily run on almost all mobile and portable devices.

Link to Devpost


Winner of Best Social Media Campaign, Best Web App, Best Use of AWS, and Best .tech Domain @ sudo Hack Stetson 2017

html, css, bootstrap, jquery, angular.js, node.js,, amazon-web-services, microsoft-sql-server, cloud9

Our software allows people to watch secured streams from the comfort of their own homes. The users log onto their account and are provided with instant access to several streams. While viewing the feed, users can interact with others via a chat system, or report any crimes they witness. The more active users on a stream, the better the reliability of tips. We've built a virtual wall; one whose usefulness extends far beyond border security. We can also provide: job creation, loss prevention, stalker apprehension, users watching bodies of water to prevent drowning, any security needs via viewers and users

Link to Devpost


Won Most Creative at BCCHacks 2016

Lua, Objective-C, Music Composition

Open-Source iOS Application that enables the visually impaired by creating a combination of string instruments representative of color & intensity. Has allowed color blind individuals to use their sight and hearing in combination to pass a test for color blindness.

Link to Github


Featured in RCOS & Change The World Challenge

Django, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Developed open source crowd-funding platform that law enforcement can use to improve public relations while improving crime-tip farming capabilities.

Link to Github

My ASD Journey

Won 2nd Place & Most Innovative at NYChi Hackathon 2016

iOS: Lua, Objective-C

Web Port: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails

Multi Stage CAPTCHA that simulates phenomena related to Autism Spectrum Disorder while employing high level social challenges as a means of identifying humans.

Link to Github


Featured in AppAdvice Magazine

Lua, Objective-C, OpenGL 2.0, Box-2D Physics Engine

An original concept video game that blends the on-rails style of a game like Galaga with the block combining qualities of something like Tetris.

Link to Github

Hebrew Teacher

Successfully delivered on Kickstarter Campaign

Lua, Objective-C

The first mobile iOS app that can read Hebrew out loud. This interactive language learning app creates transliteration flash cards and employs an original library for text to speech.

Link to Github

Schrodinger’s Closet

Won 2nd Place For Best Use of HP Vertica at WHACK 2016

Vertica, Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap, C, Shell

Targeted approach to income inequality. A resource sharing and community building platform that helps you timeshare everyday items

Link to Github

Meme Machine

Runner-Up at GifHack

HTML, CSS, Javascript

A highly intelligent AI app that relied on crowdsourced data from a social image board to contextually respond to images it was given. It also learned the trends of the images you liked and could respond to your "sense of humor".

Link to Github

Spectrum Navigation

Finalist at HackRiddle, Winner of .tech Sponsored Prize

HTML, CSS, Javascript

An AI enhanced navigation app that aimed to make GPS navigation more human and easier to understand. Was able to identify buildings that were shown at Google Street View intersections and could give directions based off of visual cues.

Link to Github

Mind Piano

C, C++, Lua, Objective-C, MindWave Mobile API

The first handicap enabled piano synthesizer. While wearing MindWave headset simply focus on an object and as your focus increases the selected note on the piano will increase. Then blink to play that note. Relies on algorithms that determine focus from EEG brain waves. Also features a very realistic piano synthesizer I created.

Link to Github

Demo Videos

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